Niels information page

Smeertechniek Rotterdam develops and manufactures the Niels-system in the own shop. This system is the clean, dry and eco-friendly counterpart of the refrigerant concentrate. The system applies a thin film to the tools. This film ensures that the cutting power is reduced considerably. This creates a beautiful product with less burrs and an improved redress life. A very exact dose and the right oil create an almost dry work piece.

An adjustable pump transports the lubricant through an attached flexible hose to the nozzle. In a fixed bell the cooling air is transported to the nozzle. In the nozzle the air and oil are brought together which leads to a nice spray pattern.

Advantages of chipping.

  • Finely adjustable and therefore very efficient.
  • visibly better edited surface.
  • Considerable elongation of the redress life.
  • Less grinding costs and less replacement of tools.
  • Shorter machining cycle.
  • Dry products, machines and chips (cleaning or degreasing after working is unnecessary).
  • Scraps are not waiste, but a salable residual.
  • Suitable for mounting on close to all machines.
  • Improvement of the machine’s lifespan and no pollution.
  • Increase of productivity.
  • Lower production costs.
  • Good price/quality ratio.
  • Short delivery time
  • Dutch quality.

The Niels-system is also used for the lubrication of chains.

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Despite of new advanced technologies, lots of chains still have to be lubricated. Optimal lubrication reduces the friction and the following wear and tear. The largest wear occurs between the sheets, pins and reels. These are also the points on which most force is exerted. Insufficient lubrication of these parts will lead to premature wear. Niels automatic chain lubricators deliver precisely measured amounts of lubrication and deliver it where it is most needed.

Advantages of chain lubrication.

  • Decrease in the amount of oil used.
  • Controlled and optimal lubrication of the chain.
  • Clean environment.
  • Elongation lifespan of the chain .
  • Automatic lubrication.

Our system is produced according to the highest quality standards and is assembled in the Netherlands. If the system does not meet the requirements, let us know. The system is our pride and we wish to improve it.

NIELS is a new cooling/lubricating system with less environmental impact than other systems.

An example of a Niels Spaying system in IT-recycling: