Kidde Graviner OMD type Mk7

Explosions as a result of oil mist can be disastrous for the ship and the crew.
Kidde Graviner oil mist detector has been developed to detect this possible danger within several seconds and is currently used on many thousands of ships.
For calculating the costs of a completely new MK7 system and/or the mounting of the system by one of our specialized service engineers you can contact our firm.

Below an overview of the available components.

17100-H06Kidde Graviner Wick 150mm
22540-K028Kidde Graviner Metal Gland
22540-K029Kidde Graviner 25mm Blanking Plug
27400-K303Kidde Graviner Detector Connection Cap
27400-K304Kidde Graviner Power Socket (no cable) 24V
27400-K305Kidde Graviner Modbus Connector (no cable)
35100-K274Kidde Graviner Mk5 - Mk7 Retrofit plate
43682-K285-***Kidde Graviner Cables with 90 Connector, several lengths.
43682-K286-***Kidde Graviner Cables with Straight Connector, several lengths.
43682-K296Kidde Graviner Power Socket 24VDC c/w 5m Cable
43682-K297Kidde Graviner Modbus Connector c/w 5m Cable
43782-K172-00Kidde Graviner Printed Circuit board c/w Ribbon Cables
43782-K172-01Kidde Graviner Printed Circuit board (no Ribbon Cables)
53569-K003Kidde Graviner Detector Harness Kit
53569-K004Kidde Graviner Control Unit Connector kit
53569-K005Kidde Graviner Fan, Micronel type F41LP-005KK-9
53836-K269Kidde Graviner Detector Complete
53836-K270Kidde Graviner Control unit with Membrane for 10 detectors
53836-K271Kidde Graviner Touch Screen Display Unit
53836-K272Kidde Graviner Detector head assy
A7311-001Kidde Graviner Wipes wet and dry
A7311-002Kidde Graviner Glass Cleaner 500ml
B3721-006Kidde Graviner Compression spring
B3741-902Kidde Graviner Fan retainer
B5465-307Kidde Graviner Connector Push in
B6910-217Kidde Graviner Foam Buds Pkts - 25 pcs
B6910-219Kidde Graviner 4 mm Hexagonal key
C1413-801Kidde Graviner Fan connector seal
C1513-802Kidde Graviner Base moulding O-ring
D5622-005-02Kidde Graviner Fan, Micronel type F41LP-005KK-9
D5622-101Kidde Graviner Base unit sub-assy
D9131-002Kidde Graviner Pulling tool
D9221-026Kidde Graviner Commissioning kit
D9221-027Kidde Graviner Service kit
D9221-028Kidde Graviner Smoke test oil - 30 ml
D9221-029Kidde Graviner Smoke tester