Kidde Graviner OMD type Mk5

Explosions as a result of oil mist can be disastrous for the ship and the crew
Graviner oil mist detector has been developed to detect this possible danger within several seconds and is currently used on many thousands of ships.
Since several years, the Oil mist detector type MK5 has been replaced by the Mk6 and Mk7.
Therfore the spare parts for the MK5 have become obsolete, and repair and maintenance by our service engineers isn't possible anymore.

However we can offer you complete working refurbished MK5 systems.


-              Fully functional and in excellent condition
-              Fully repaired & tested + calibration certificate
-              3 months guarantee, based on repair in our workshop (freight will be charged to you)

In most cases we also can replace your old Mk5-installation for a brand new Mk7-system.

please contact us for the possibilities.