Various items / Tools

0102125Wheel Bearing filler for bearings up to 175mm
030-1408-000MecLube Hydraulic lift trolley for barrels of 180/220 Iiters
070 000THREAD GAUGE metric
070 001thread gauge Whitworth/BSP
070 002thread gauge UNF/BSF
070 00STHREAD GAUGE metric - Whitworth/BSP - UNF/BSF
13-09257101Universal barrel opening tool
13-09257115spare cutters for universal barrel opening tool
15101014Barrel handler 1x 200 litercontainer for hoisting
15101478Barrel handler 1x 200 litercontainer for forklifts
15101551Barrel handler 2x 200 litercontainer for forklifts
15101585Barrel handler 1x 220 litercontainer for forklifts, adjustable
18 047Pressol battery grease gun 18V with accessories
19 816Pressol Barrel lift
24506container tap G2" metal
29/6Barrel opener for opening round metal barrels of 50-220 liters
310.1110Simatool Bearing Handling Tool BHT 300-500
310.1120Simatool Bearing Handling Tool BHT 500-700
310.1209Simatool Twin Puller TP 150
310.1210Simatool Bearing Puller BP 61 for bearings of 10-100 mm
310.1310Simatool Fitting Toolset FT 33 for bearings of 10 up to 50mm
310.1410Simatool Bearing Maintenance Kit MK 10-30 for bearings of 10-30 mm
310.1510Simatool Seal Puller SP 50
339841Nipple plunger type "Profi"
340004nipple plunger type "Pocket"
480015plastic sump tray with lid for attachment on container
615NAssortiments-/tool box empty type Cargo 615
66-400R1/4"coolant pipe with steel flexible casing - L=400 - G1/4"
7105-16Level switch - Lmax = 380mm - 1''BSP
716R assortment box empty type Cargo 900
720N assortment box empty type Cargo 1000
730N assortment box empty type Cargo 2000
750NAssortment box set empty type Cargo system 900
754NAssortment box set empty type Cargo system 4
IG-044894Grease fitting unblocker
IG-044895Groz grease fitting thread tester Metr/UNF/BSW/BSF/BSPT/NPT
IH 025Simatherm induction-heatingunit 1x 230V, up to 80 kg
IH 070Simatherm induction-heatingunit 1x 230V, up to 80 kg
MFlowcontrol type M
MZFlowcontrol type MZ
MZUFlowcontrol type MZU
TLS703-GRNew Pig Form-a-funnel medium (36x16cm)
TLS704-GRNew Pig Form-a-funnel lang (73x12cm)
TLS705-GRNew Pig Form-a-funnel groot (55x22cm)
TLS706-GRNew Pig Form-a-funnel small (12x22cm)