REBS modular distributor type KEK

Also available in Stainless steel 316!

REBS progressive distributors type KEK are, like type KEM distributors, modular constructed and are composed by a begin element, a minimum of 3 base elements, an end element and the modular piston elements which are to be bolted to the base elements (also a minimum of 3). The output per outlet is to be determined by the type of piston elements.

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The advantage of this construction is that one can change the piston elements very quickly (e.g. for changing the output doses). Unlike segment distributors the KEK do not have to be taken all apart.


REBS progressive distributors type KEK are composed bya begin element (A), a minimum of 3 base elements (G) with modular piston elements (M) and a end element (E).
Every base element has 2 outlets.
Therefore the smallest possible distributor has a minimum of 6 outlets.

By joining 2 outlets together with a bridge piece the number of outlets can be reduced.

The number that is engraved in every piston element represents the value of each of the two outputs of that specific element.
The output will be passed through to the exit of the former base element.
The first piston element (which is next to the begin element) passes it's lubricant to the exit below the last piston element.
Notice this carefully when using bridge pieces!

The sealing of the elements is obtained by O-rings so the piston elements can be changed easily as soon as the the system is depressurised .


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Tube Connections:
- Inlet = 1/4" BSP for tube 6, 8, 10 of 12 mm
- Outputs = 1/8" BSP for tube 6 of 8 mm

Every piston element has 2 outputs:

Piston engravement element yield per output
5 M1 0,10 ccm
6 M1,5 0,15 ccm
7 M2 0,20 ccm
8 M2,5 0,25 ccm
9 M3 0,30 ccm
10 M4 0,40 ccm

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Part numbers:

distributor part number
KEK 6 3170006
KEK 8 3170008
KEK 10 3170010
KEK 12 3170012
KEK 14 3170014
KEK 16 3170016
KEK 18 3170018
KEK 20 3170020

The maximum yield of the KEK distributor is 0,5 liter/minute when using M1 elements and up to 1 liter/minute when using M4 elements, regardless the number of outlets.
In order to monitor the operation of the distributor an indicator pin can be fitted on a middle element M2-M4. The pin can be fitted on any chosen element.

In addition a proximity switch N1 can be fitted.