Spare parts MDB-V grease lubricator

All spare parts of the MDB-V grease lubricator are seperately obtainable and in stock at Smeertechniek Rotterdam.
That's the reason why this grease lubricator is such a strong device in the market! We can fix or overhaul your lubricator in no time in our workshop. Please call to make your appointment.

8983-20-08reduce double nipple galvanized steel 1/2''BSPP x M20x1,5 parallel thread
V 10Thrust bearing no. 10
V 100Allen screw no. 100
V 101elastic ring no. 101
V 107Dubo ring 6 mm no. 107
V 108O-ring 168 x 3 no. 108
V 109screw M6 x 16 no. 109
V 10KGReservoir 10 kg
V 11Worm wheel no. 11
V 111Screw no. 111
V 112Gasket set for v-case no. 112
V 120aluminium belt pulley 120 mm no. 120
V 13Stop strip no. 13
V 14Safety ring no. 14
V 140aluminium belt pulley 140 no. 140
V 15Thrust bearing no. 15
V 16distance Tube no. 16
V 160aluminium belt pulley 160 mm no. 160
V 17Safety ring no. 17
V 18Pressure ring no. 18
V 180aluminium belt pulley 180 mm no. 180
V 1910case 10 pits no. 19
V 1920case 20 pits no. 19
V 2lid no. 2
V 20Agitor rod no. 20
V 21Allen screw no. 21
V 22distance tube no. 22
V 24Centering ring no. 24
V 25nut no. 25
V 26Pin no. 26
V 27plug no. 27
V 29Elastic ring no. 29
V 3Locking toggle no. 3
V 30Disc no. 30
V 30KGReservoir 30 kg
V 31Worm no. 31
V 32Woodruff key no. 32
V 33Thrust bearing no. 33
V 34Drive shaft no. 34
V 34KDrive shaft VK
V 35Thrust bearing no. 35
V 36Flong no. 36
V 37Allen screw M6 x 16 no. 37
V 38Safety ring no. 38
V 39Sealing ring no. 39
V 40Woodruff key no. 40
V 41Safety ring no. 41
V 48lid, geboord with flongno. 48
V 5Agitator blade no. 5
V 5KGReservoir 5 kg
V 6Allen screw no. 6
V 66Intermediate flong no. 66
V 67Drive shaft VM no. 67
V 68Pin no. 68
V 69flexible coupling no. 69
V 7Thrust bearing no. 7
V 7,5KGReservoir 7,5 kg
V 70Hexagon Bolt no. 70
V 71Carbon brush for reductor motor 24V no. 71
V 72Casing no. 72
V 73Cover plate no. 73
V 74Allen screw no. 74
V 75Sealing ring no. 75
V 76Allen screw no. 76
V 77Worm drive shaft no. 77
V 78Safety ring no. 78
V 79Thrust bearing no. 79
V 8blindplug no. 8
V 80Woodruff key no. 80
V 81corrugated distance tube ring No. 81
V 82distance tube no. 82
V 83bearing house no. 83
V 84Pin no. 84
V 85Bearingshield no. 85
V 86Allen screw no. 86
V 87wormshaft no. 87
V 88Woodruff key no. 88
V 89distance tube no. 89
V 9Eccentric shaft no. 9
V 90Bearingshield no. 90
V 91bearing house no. 91
V 92Sealing ring no. 92
V 93Stop no. 93
V 94Red copper ring no. 94
V 95Wormshaft no. 95
V 97 Coupling housing no. 97
V 98Sealing ring no. 98
V 99Allen screw no. 99
V GEV10check valve / non-return valve 10 mm
V GEV6check valve / non-return valve 6 mm
V GEV8check valve / non-return valve 8 mm
V PE1-3C6plungerset 6 mm complete
V PE1-3C8plungerset 8 mm complete
V PE10Setbolt no. 10
V PE11Retaining piece no. 11
V PE12Spring bracket no. 12
V PE13Allen screw no. 13
V PE14Nose plug no. 14
V PE16check valve / non-return valve 8 mm no. 16
V PE17-10check valve / non-return valve 10 mm no. 17
V PE17-6check valve / non-return valve 6 mm no. 17
V PE18Banjo connection no. 18
V PE19Red copper ring in plungercase 17,6 x 13,7 x 1,25 mm
V PE4Cylinder retainer piece no. 4
V PE5Setbolthousing no. 5
V PE6Spring no. 6
V PE8Adjusting-spring no. 8
V PE9Ball no. 9
V-RIEMBelt 35x5 mm
V-RIEMSET2 meter Belt 35x5 mm with connection set
V-VERBINDINGconnection set for Belt 35x5 mm