MDB lubricator Type 'V'


  • For any drive speed
  • For any drive (hand operated - rotary - or oscillating drive - electrically driven - pneumatic driven)
  • Direct reversible (lubricates in both directions)o For most greases (including NLGI 3 greases) whichare suitable for automatic lubrication, ask our advise


  • Driven lubricator-shaft in thrust bearings
  • Vertical eccentric shaft in thrust bearings
  • Hardened thrust collar on thrust bearings


  • 1 to 22 separate pumps (pumping units) are forcedby the eccentric shaft


  • Every single pumping unit is, between its minimum and maximum output, permanent accurately adjustable


  • As all moving parts are continually lubricated with fresh grease, wear is minimal
  • The maintenance of the lubricator can be performed by any skilled fitter GREAT


  • The number of pumping units can always be changedfrom 1 to the maximum of the lubricator (10, 20 or22)
  • Internal reduction can always be changed
  • The way of drive can always be changed
  • Containers can always be replaced by others with larger or smaller capacity


The V grease lubricator is driven via the horizontaldrive shaft which is carried in 2 thrust bearings.The eccentric shaft is rotated by means of a worm gear drive. A grooved thrust collar, which is mounted in ball bearings on the eccentric shaft, drives the pumping unit. Thrust bearings on all driving parts guarantee excellent wear resistance and low torque.

The thrust collar drives the operating plunger in uniform strokes. A regulating plunger follows this operating plunger and seals the outlet bore. When the regulating plunger comes to a stop, vacuum is formed in the pressure chamber until the operating plunger moves beyond the inlet bore and draws in the lubricant. The regulating plunger pushes the lubricant forward during the down-stroke until the outlet bore is open and the operating plunger then pushes thelubricant from the pressure chamber into the point of lubrication. This design guarantees accuracy even at very low discharge settings.

V lubricators supplied with less than 10 pumping units may later be equipped with additional units up to a total of 10. V lubricators supplied with 11 to 20 pumping units may later be equipped with the full total of 20 units. V lubricators are furnished with either 10 or 20 prepared positions for pumping units; the unused threaded holes are plugged. A special version with a maximum of 23 outlets can be supplied on request.

DRIVE ARRANGEMENTS Roterend, pendelend, met aangebouwde vertragingskast, met aangebouwde vertragingskast en aangeflensde elektromotor of met aangeflensde reduktiemotor (zie informatieblad elektromotor-aandrijving) Rotary, ratchet, rotary with flanged-on gearbox, with flanged-on gearbox and electric motor or with flanged-on electric motorreductor (see information leaflet electric drive)

SMEERTECHNIEK ROTTERDAM v.o.f. reserves to itself the right of carrying through technical alterations without preliminary notice.