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The Assalub multi-line system is an automatic centralised grease lubrication system capable of pumping up to a NLGI 4 grease. Due to its unique design the system has proven to be very reliable with a long mechanical life. The lubricators have up to 12 separate outlets with individually adjustable feeds. When used In conjunction with progressive distributors, it is possible to serve several hundred lubrication points within 10-20 metres from the lubricator.

The lubricators are electrically driven and can be runcontinuously or intermittently. Typical applications are found in: heavy equipment used in cement, quarries, steel, mine, and paper process plants also cranes, conveyors, drive mechanisms for moving bridges, vacuum and pressure filters.


  • All piston movements are mechanically guided.
  • No check valves or springs that can cause the greaseto separate and the system to fail.
  • The unique pre-feeder makes it possible to pump veryheavy greases and prevents air locks in the pumping elements from entering the system.

ASSALUB can offer two sturdy, reliable, electrically drivengrease lubricators for multi-line systems. They both have many advantages:

  • The discharge from each individual outlet is fully adjustable.
  • The unique pre-feeder utilizes a grease scraper vane and oscillating pre-feed roll which homogenize the grease and force it into the pumping unit discharge chamber. This ensures correct filling of the chamber even with short piston strokes. Problem-free pumping of heavy greases with a classification of up to NLGI 4 is assured.
  • Both types can be supplied with reservoirs of different sizes and with different functions such as lubricant level transducers or totally enclosed reservoirs for extremely hostile environments.
  • All moving parts of the lubricators operate mechanically, there are no valves or springs, which ensures a reliable operation.
  • Pumping elements are easily replaced.
  • Standard flange interface enables the use of industrialelectric motors for almost any voltage.
  • All reservoirs are prepared for closed replenishment

ASSALUB FLMFLM - description
Type FLM has 1-6 outlets and is suitable for small lubrication systems with grease requirements up to approx. 0.55 cm³ per minute per outlet, with continuous back pressure not exceeding 50 bar. With progressive distributors this single outlet could be used to serve up to 10 lubrication points, depending on the bearings’ grease requirements. Compact design and a good range of accessories make the FLM lubricator highly suitable for reliable automatic lubrication of equipment with a small number of lubrication points.


ASSALUB FEMFEM - description
Type FEM has 1-12 outlets and is larger and more powerfulthan the FLM and is used for lubrication systems with grease requirements up to approx. 1.4 cm³ per minute per outlet, with continuous back pressure up to 250 bar.When used with progressive distributors the FEM may also be used to serve significantly more bearings than the 12 outlets provided.


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