Pulsarlube lubricating cartridges


De Pulsarlube-M single-point lubrication cartridges with advanced electrical steering has been designed to guarantee a reliable way of lubricating for a very reasonable price.
The unit consists of a vertical pump and a motor/transmission, and the microprocessor-control system guarantees a maximum pressure of 40 bar.
The lubricant is delivered in 250ml fillings with integrated battery.
During the development they took temperatures between-15°C tot +60°C into account.

Several types of lubrication are available, such as multi-purpose grease, mineral-oil-based grease, heavy duty grease, grease for high speeds, greases suitable for the nutritional industries, and greases for high and low temperatures.

The unit can be adjusted from a lifespan of two weeks up to a lifespan of 1 year.


DRATAG-250-EPDratag Servicepack EP2, for Pulsarlube-M 250ml
DRATAG-250-LVDratag Servicepack EP2 low viscosity, for Pulsarlube-M 250cc
PULSARLUBE OLPulsarlube suitable for oil 500 cc
Pulsarlube-M 250Pulsarlube-M 250 electrical grease lubricator 250cc