Perma-tec manufactures single- and multi-point lubrication systems for all types of applications.
The systems are driven by an electrochemical reaction or an electromechanical drive with battery. Self-sufficient systems can be used at any location and are immediately ready for use.

  • Discharge periods from 1 - 24 months
  • Lubricant volume 60 cm3 up to 7.000 cm3
  • Operating temperature from -20 C to +60 C
  • Continuous, low maintenance, long-term lubrication
  • Reduced maintenance runs
  • Environmentally friendly materials for simple and clean disposal

2-100002Perma Classic grease cartrigde empty SF-00A
2-100020Perma CLASSIC SF01 multi-purpose grease
2-100034Perma CLASSIC SF02 extreme pressure grease
2-100045Perma CLASSIC SF03 high temperature grease
2-100052Perma CLASSIC SF04 high performance grease
2-100063Perma CLASSIC SF05 high temp./extreme pressure grease
2-100074Perma CLASSIC SF06 liquid grease
2-100083Perma CLASSIC SF08 low temperature grease
2-100089Perma CLASSIC SF09 bio grease
2-100096Perma CLASSIC food grade grease NSF H1
2-100449Perma CLASSIC SO32 multipurpose oil
2-100473Perma CLASSIC SO64 bio oil (low viscosity)
2-100483Perma CLASSIC SO69 bio oil (high viscosity)
2-100489Perma CLASSIC SO70 food grade oil
2-100724Perma STAR SF01 multipurpose grease 120cm3
2-100739Perma STAR SF03 high temperature grease 120cm3
2-101331Activator CLASSIC/FUTURA 1 month, yellow
2-101332Activator CLASSIC/FUTURA 3 months, green
2-101333Activator CLASSIC/FUTURA 6 months, red
2-101335Activator CLASSIC/FUTURA 12 months, grey
2-104044Perma STAR SF01 60cm3 multipurpose grease
2-104473Perma STAR SF01 250cm3 multipurpose grease
2-106974Perma FUTURA SF00 empty incl. refill
2-106997Perma FUTURA SF01 mulitpurpose grease
2-107008Perma FUTURA SF02 extreme pressure grease
2-107012Perma FUTURA SF03 high temperature grease
2-107016Perma FUTURA SF04 high performance grease
2-107020Perma FUTURA SF05 high temperature-/extreme pressure grease
2-107024Perma FUTURA SF06 liquid grease
2-107029Perma FUTURA SF08 low temperature grease
2-107032Perma FUTURA SF09 bio grease
2-107037Perma FUTURA SF10 food grade grease NSF H1
2-107083Perma FUTURA SO14 high performance oil
2-107090Perma FUTURA SO32 multipurpose oil
2-107099Perma FUTURA SO64 bio oil low viscosity
2-107103Perma FUTURA SO69 bio oil high viscosity
2-107107Perma FUTURA SO70 food grade oil NSF H1
2-107155Perma FLEX SF01 125cm3 multipurpose grease
2-109950Perma CLASSIC food grade grease GF31
2-109951Perma FUTURA food grade grease GF31
2-111249Perma CLASSIC G1287 NT FG waterproof chain lubricant
2-111960Perma FUTURA G1287 No-Tox FG waterproof chain lubricant
2-111961Perma FUTURA G270 waterproof chain lubricant
2-111962Perma CLASSIC G270 BEL-RAY waterproof oil