Speedy Grease Systems information page

Searching for a good grease gun?

One that:
- can be operated with one hand?
- has a flexible hose?
- can handle your own trusted grease cartridges?
- has enough power?

Speedy Grease System

The advantages of the Speedy Grease System grease gun:

  • Max. pressure 800 bar, output 2,5cc / stroke
  • The cartridges will be emptied fully, no need to vent
  • Changing cartridges is quick, easy and clean and you are able to use your trusted 400gms grease cartridges
  • The cartridge is visible so you know which and how much grease is left in the cartridge. The grease can maintain in the grease gun.
  • Operable with one or two hands, due to the powerful magnet (>60 kG)
  • The manual force is all on the long high-grip handles, not on the cartridge holder
  • The flexible hose of 70 cm has an optimal reach and has an anti kink spring. (optional 120 cm)
  • 2 years guarantee on fabrication failures

How to use the cartridges? View or download the flyer of our Speedy Grease System grease gun see for yourself:

Speedy Grease System flyer

Used to your trusted grease cartridges? No problem for the Speedy Grease System grease gun!

You can use the DIN cartridges by placing the special sealing lid to the rear of the cartridge. The grease gun comes with 10 pieces of sealing lids. In case of using screw cartridges please order the special adapterand you are ready to go! You are totally free the use the cartridge of your choice.

The advantage of the Speedy Grease System cartridges is that they already have te sealing lid, so you can use them right away. Besides that our grease is of good quality (a renowned brand in our own cartridges).