About us

By letting Smeertechniek Rotterdam take care of the lubrication of your equipment you can prevent downtime or failure of your essential means of production. Smeertechniek Rotterdam has been specializing in developing, installing and assembling high quality lubrication solutions for over 50 years. Varying from grease nipples up to advanced lubrication systems, you can trust the expertise of Smeertechniek Rotterdam. We lubricate with the precision of a Swiss timepiece, and it’s for that very same reason we represent various Swiss brands.


Smeertechniek Rotterdam, unique in lubrication

Together, MDB Smeertechniek and THIM smeertechniek form a unique combination under the name of Smeertechniek Rotterdam.

By combining strength and knowledge we are able to answer all lubrication-related questions quickly and appropriately by means of equipment, advice and assembly. Our mechanics, which all have been working with us for over 10 years, install lubrication systems with great expertise and efficiency. Our mechanics have proven their expertise on many varying locations.

Our technical support has a 24-hour service for either the workplace or on location. Our mechanics work both nationally and internationally so you can always count on the perfect solution!